The map below shows geotagged and timestamped photos for ongoing and completed activities. For photos on a specific activity, please selected the corresponding contract and click View Photos.

Progress Photos

Delivery, Installation, Testing, Calibration and Commissioning of ADS-B Out Avionics, Vanuatu

Physical Works for the Repair and Renovation of Whitegrass Airport Buildings, Tanna, Vanuatu

Installation of Satellite Communication Equipment (VSAT)

Supply of Fire Protection Equipment

Supply of Airfield Sweeper

Short Term Repairs Bauerfield International Airport, Vanuatu

Supply & Delivery of Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles

Supply & Installation of ADS-B Ground Stations at Bauerfield and Pekoa International Airports

Rehabilitation of Runway, Aprons and Related Infrastructure for Bauerfield Airport, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Design and Build for Santo-Pekoa and Tanna-Whitegrass Short Term Runway Repairs

Supply and Delivery of Fence Materials for Whitegrass Airport, Vanuatu