Active and Completed Contracts

The following provide details of ongoing and closed contracts. The data can be downloaded here.

Additional Information on procurement is available from the project page on the World Bank's website. 

Notification of Awards


Contracts Awarded

The table below provide a brief summary of contracts awarded for VAIP and PASO in the past few months.

VAIP Contracts Awarded (Past 3 months)

Contract Signature Contract Reference Description Counterparty Origin Contract Value
15-Apr-2019 MIPU/ICS/V-E31 VAIP Independent Claims Specialist Flagstaff Consulting Australia USD 28,255
15-Apr-2019 MIPU/ICS/V-E32 VAIP Construction Program Specialist Halliant, Australia Australia USD 15,900


Regional Contracts Awarded (Past 3 months)

Project Contract Signature Contract Reference Description Counterparty Origin Contract Value
PASO 2-May-2019 PASO/ICS/P-B01.2 PASO Regulatory Advisor Douglas Aviation Consulting Ltd New Zealand USD 173,000
KAIP 7-May-2019 MICTTD/SSS/G/K-A56 New Standby Generators (TRW & CXI) PUB Kiribati AUD 81,770
TAIP 13-May-2019 TAL/ICBG/A-A42 Air Traffic Control Equipment ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd Singapore USD 992,985.43
SIRAP 23-May-2019 MID-MCA/ICS/SI-D05 SIRAP Administrative Assistant Marjorie Pogo Solomon Islands SBD 566,741.43
PASO 24-May-2019 PASO/AJC1901 PASO Audit AJC Saint Hilaire & Associates, Chartered Accountants Vanuatu VT 1,156,250
PAIP 27-May-2019   TAL/ICS/D02.1 PAIP Program Manager   Nepia Strategic Management Ltd  New Zealand NZD 147,795 
KAIP 5-Apr-2019 MICTTD/SSS/G/K-A18.1 New Fire Station Shelter - Bonriki International Airport White Wings Constructions Kiribati AUD 107,442.88











Note: Please click on contract reference for more details on the contract being awarded.